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Simply StrategicTM is a network of Strategy Guides–trained, experienced and committed professionals that help private business leaders create high-impact strategy. While the Simply StrategicTM network didn’t formalize until 2021, our Strategy Guides have been serving clients, running businesses and executing strategic plans for generations. We’ve seen it all, done most of it and learned from both great successes and painful mistakes.

The Simply StrategicTM Planning methodology is the vision of our Founder & Chief Strategy Guide, Greg Meredith. Based on decades of experience, Greg has crafted a strategic planning process that delivers for small and mid-sized businesses. It combines the best elements and insights of more complex planning systems with a simple elegance that any committed private business can execute. And our Strategy Guides are with you every step of the way to help, leading your team through thought provoking exercises, generating insights and steering the team into decisive action.

Experienced Strategy Guides. Proven planning methodology. Lasting positive impacts on your business. That’s the Simply StrategicTM pledge. 

A Video Message from Greg Meredith, Founder & Chief Strategy Guide

A Video Message from Greg Meredith,
Founder & Chief Strategy Guide

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