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Become a Guide

Simply StrategicTM Strategy Guides don’t have all the answers. We don’t tell our clients what their strategy should be and we don’t come into a project believing there is a single right answer. But we also aren’t robotic facilitators working a checklist, reading canned slides and putting together a bunch of useless paperwork. We are Guides in the truest sense of the word. We’re the professionals our clients trust to see them over the winding paths and through the rough waters. We help clients clarify their goals, align their core beliefs and eventually decide how they plan to win.

The work we do is incredibly rewarding, but it’s also challenging. It takes a special person. Do you have the Strategy Guide Mindset?

Curious about becoming a Strategy Guide with Simply Strategic? Watch this video message from Simply Strategic Founder & Chief Strategy Guide Greg Meredith.

The process for becoming a Certified Strategy Guide with Simply StrategicTM is broken into three phases:


During Exploration, we see if you are a good fit for Simply StrategicTM–and if Simply StrategicTM is a good fit for you. If at the end of the Explore Phase phase we both agree that you have the Strategy Guide Mindset and desire to apply it productively with clients, we will move into the Equip Phase.


During this second phase we train you to help private businesses build high-impact business strategy. This involves course work, our on-site workshop and practical skills refinement. 


The final phase of certification, the Engage Phase, requires collaborating with an existing Certified Strategy Guide to conduct strategic planning with clients. This puts your skills into action and gives you practical coaching as you master the Simply StrategicTM Planning methodology.

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